Here are just a few words from past clients.  Letters of Recommendation are available.

"Jeff is a perfectionist, a great comfort to all those wanting the job done right.  Jeff understands the architectural and engineering aspects as much as he does the construction, providing the client with expertise and advice far beyond what might normally be expected.  I am a principal in one of the largest real estate finance companies in the country and deal with contractors and architects daily and can easily say that the value added by his insight and knowledge is rarely found in today's development and construction industry.   So, whether you are thinking of remodeling, adding on or building new, I highly recommend Jeff and Knappworks."  RLT
"Jeff has consistently demonstrated dedication to his work by maintaining a high degree of integrity, motivation, and aptitude in all his projects.  Jeff is a strong leader and a team player."  Charles
"It has been a true pleasure working with someone who is highly qualified and experienced, manages projects so well and delivers on both contractual and verbal promises."  "Jeff's attention to detail and love of the building process and architecture has resulted in an extremely well built and visually attractive home for my family in Chevy Chase."  Jim & Kerry

"Jeff lends perspective, reason and a 'go forward strategy' that makes sense."  "Jeff is also a calming influence and was instrumental in assisting us in resolving our issues with another builder".  Terry

"Jeff is a gifted designer and skilled engineer.  He greatly improved upon the planned design for the renovation of our home in Bethesda that our architect drafted.  He focused on getting our project closed in before the cold weather often working in frigid temperatures himself." Al & Lucy


"Attention to detail from initial ideas to final brush stroke, Jeff surpassed our expectations in completing our renovations.  Always approachable with any concerns and working side by side with his crew, he made sure everything was done to his high standards.  He suggested and included many details beyond our expectations and turned our 25 year old house into one that is energy efficient and solidly built.  With master quality experience and insightful ability in all aspects of design and construction, Jeff is like a 'renaissance sculptor' creating a masterpiece." Paul & Lin






And Remember Our Company Slogan, "When Only Perfect Is Close Enough," And We Guarantee It!